Our assets

Since the origin of our passion and the very start of our project, we were convinced that gathering talents and personalities as a team, should be the engine of innovations, especially if empowered by the incredible digital revolution lived wisely and human being friendly.


Project management by embedded team using the newest adapted tools


Minding our patrimonial legacy, changes in common values and lifestyles, being aware that urban construction spreading wildly could not be a sustainable solution, we became experts in renovation projects design enhancing historical or industrial buildings and valuable old constructions.

  • Refurbishment in residential and in office buildings,
  • Refurbishment of memorials and historical monuments,
  • Restructuring considering all kind of changes in use of existing buildings (offices into residential into student residences …)
  • Revitalization of industrial redevelopment sites.


A complete offer embedding an intelligent 3D model-based process:

  • BIM management starting at the dawn of ideas behind projects
  • 3D modeling from project design to site construction
  • Ease of use tools in 3D modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics and Building performance simulation


Sometimes in projects, when design progress seems to stall and team shows tiredness, a powerful state of mind, derived from our deep experience and conviction, brings back reactive and flexible management to get over the crisis.

During these critical moments, we gather our experts on dedicated and targeted tasks in order to get closer to our clients’ objectives and our commitments.

Once difficulties are over, we can resume normal activities and carry on all our missions, a lot richer of new experiences to improve our methods.